WHO'S THAT GIRL?! Emanuelle V.

Posted on 12 April 2017


We love for you to get to know our next babe: Emanuelle Vos
Get to know her better on her daily life, which fictional character is
a reflection on her character and her love for the perfect pizza. 

Q & A

Where did you grow up?
In a small town about thirty minutes from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

What do you do in everyday life?
In the night I am fulltime DJ and play in several clubs in The Netherlands and around. During the daytime I work on my music, do some modeling and I am exploring herbal medicine and holistic nutrition.

What cheers you up?
Dancing, nature, happy faces, music, my friends and my family. 

What inspires you?
The sun. Although through our eyes it is sometimes rainy or clouds fill the sky, the Sun is always shining - no matter what.

Can you describe your style?
My style is feminin, elegant, funky and colorful. I'm not into trends and just mix whatever I like, put it all together and mostly something beautiful is created by coincidence. 

What's your all time favorite song?
My all time favourite song is not an easy one. Hudson Mohawke - Fuse! It is intense, experimental, powerful, emotional and somehow completely different than all other music people associate me with.

What are your favorite places?
My sacred space at home, the shower, my boyfriend's house in the South of France, the beach and anywhere else in nature.

What is your perfect pizza?
My perfect pizza is a vegan pizza without any interpretation of cheese. I do not like fake cheese made of potato starch or soy, although you can make raw cheese of fermented nuts - that is really tasty. I like my pizza full of vegetables, not the average six pieces of eggplant and peppers. No onions, no garlic. A pizza with tomato sauce with artichoke, asperges, olives, bell pepper, eggplant, courgette, different mushrooms, capers, truffle and a lot of spicy peppers is my definition of the perfect pizza. 

Which superpower would you choose if you could have one?
Omnilinguaism & Healing power. Omnilinguaism means you can speak and understand any language. In my human experience on earth this would be super funny. I would read old scripts, talk to indigenous people and travel all around the world. With healing power I would restore nature and the ocean where people got involved polluting it, cure any disease, pain, discomfort and destroy the ego so people can happy and free live all together. For now one can only clean and change their own environment as their body & mind to change the external world.
Which fictional character do you believe is the most like yourself?
My cousin used to call me Mowgli and some of my friends call me the turtle of the movie Nemo. I think the combination of these two characters is a quite good reflection of my own character. I love to explore new things, love adventure, love to be by myself and to be surrounded by a lot of people both, talk to animals just as much as to people, like to be in nature, not afraid of meeting new people or organisms as Mowgli. On the other hand the turtle is always surrounded by his own specie, with his family, going with the flow, is always relaxed and smiling and looks satisfied. In these things I can easy relate to the turtle haha! And... the turtle and I are not that quick, that is I guess one of my non valuable characteristics. 

If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose?
Noodles, any kind but I prefer prepared the Asian way. I do not eat any garlic or onions and prefer gluten-free food, so we will come to something like organic brown rice (or bean) noodles with a lot of vegetables.

If you were told you only had one week left to live, what would you do?
Wow that is scary! I would invite my family and friends to stay with me in a beautiful place in the South of France and I would organize a complete program with spiritual practice, cooking, games and a lot of dancing to celebrate life. Everyone who feels to be part of it can join, though first I have to complete the age of 100 before planning on these things.

If you could spend one day with a celebrity, who would it be and what would you want to do with him/her?
Pff I have no idea.....

What is your favorite thing about MY-OH-MY?
My favorite thing about MY-OH-MY is that the Girl behind MY-OH-MY is a beautiful soul with a big smile on her face, who has a lot of courage to set up her own business at such a young age to unite young women with creativity and a warm heart. 

And last but not least, which message would you like to give other women?
Always remember yourself that you are a soul. Never try to impress anyone and never get impressed by anyone. Of course you and I, both as human beings in this birth as a woman, experience difficulties as jealousy and wrong self images. Every time you get this feeling of jealousy try to look into your feelings. Be proud of what you are and what you have accomplished. Everyone plays their own part in this big universe and let no one distract you from your own goals in life. Support each other, pay attention, give compliments and do everything you do with an understanding that is has value for the earth, the people and the animals around you. 


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